Friday, February 11, 2011


Word to the wise:

When you order a new SATA DVD drive to replace the broken IDE drive, even if you have a SATA data cable, check to be sure you also have the SATA power cord.

And even if you know your power supply has one, like I did, make sure it will reach where you need it to go.

A photo will be posted when I get that machine put back together after a trip to the store. Hope they have a standard-to-SATA power plug adapter, like the one that was offered when I ordered the drive but didn't get. Yes, I know, "Next time you'll know better."

And now, you will too.


Ok, here's the picture, "Where it reached" and "Where it needs to go":

A few hours have past, and what do I have? Nothing. Serial ATA power cable? What's that???? Oy.

When the computer department manager at Xxxxx Xxx tells me, "I have no idea what you're talking about", I know it's time to go back to New Egg, Tiger Direct or Ebay for sanity and technical savvy.

I shook my head as I was leaving at the line of people at their "professional" technical support desk. I didn't expect it would be well received if I started handing out my computer repair business cards.

The last time I bought a system there, a laptop, I asked if I could get a Windows refund. The guy got a glazed look in his eyes and asked, "Why?"

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  1. Anonymous12/2/11 11:15

    Did you know Printers don't come with cables anymore? I learned this after I bought a new printer and had driven the 75 miles back to my two stop light town back up in the mountains.

    I jury rigged something and finally ended up buying a $100+ ethernet bridge. That turned out to be a great purchase and still use that today.